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Flynn Associates is dedicated to helping patients with hearing loss through hearing testing, education, and treatment with hearing devices. We want to ensure that all our patients are equipped with the knowledge and the tools they need to hear better. Whether you need your hearing tested for the first time or are looking for more effective hearing aids, we are here to help you.

Dedicated to Helping You

Hearing aids are a significant investment in your quality of life, and we take that very seriously. It's important to us that you are satisfied with any hearing devices you purchase from Flynn Associates. We will even reprogram hearing aids that you have purchased elsewhere because we're committed to supporting our neighbors in the Wellesley and Concord communities.

We want to make sure patients have the best experience possible with their hearing aids. That means that if something isn't working right, or if you have questions, we want you to come see us and let us solve any problems for you.

Hearing Aid and Hearing Test Services

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Your Hearing Aid Purchase

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All hearing aids you purchase new come with a manufacturer warranty that covers parts and services as well as loss and damage. The length of that warranty depends on what level of hearing instrument you purchase, whether you just need something with simpler technology or want to invest in a more advanced device. We'll make sure you understand your warranty at your hearing aid fitting.

Follow-Up Appointments

When you choose to purchase hearing aids from us, we'll place the order and let you know as soon as they arrive. We will bring you in for a fitting and program your hearing aids with the information we learned through your hearing test. Then we'll send you back home to try your new hearing aids out in the environments where you spend your time.

We ask new hearing aid users to come back in three days. This is so we can make sure the hearing aids are fitting well, you can comfortably put them in and take them off, and that they sound all right to you. Sometimes we need to make small adjustments, such as turning the volume down a little so it's easier for you to get used to wearing hearing aids for the first time.

If you've worn hearing aids before, we typically bring you back a week or two later to check on everything. After receiving new hearing aids, all patients follow this schedule, free of charge:

Once patients are established with their hearing aids, they follow this schedule:

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